Guilty As Charged

Now available!!

Our First Album! Now available!

This album was recorded at Morningstar Studios on June 25 & 26, 2019. All the cuts were first or second takes, and nothing was redone. The only overdubs were on the organ, and the synth textures on several tunes. This was a logistic decision.

Yes, this group really sounds like this. This is live music as it happens.

How do we get this album?

Glad you asked!

1.) If you just want to download a digital copy, please go to BandcampBandcamp
and order one up. This is the fairest way to go for independent artists. Streaming is a ripoff to us.

2.) Physical copies are available. Go to PaypalPaypal
and send funds to the account A deluxe flash drive is available for $15 and includes the album in mp3 and 96-bit formats, extended liner notes, and all 9 videos of the sessions. Regular audio CDs are available for $10. Be sure to leave an address so we know where to send it!

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