Bored with Contemporary Jazz?

Does jazz have to be in a museum?

Nope! It just needs to get funked up.

You know what they say about Philadelphia musicians and their addytudes. It's all true!

E Pluribus, Unum de Funk

The Players

  • Carl Cox

    All round badass on saxophone. 2019 Teacher of the Year. Player with Smokey Robinson and Maysa. Gerald Veasley Band member.

  • Dave Hartl

    Synth wizard. Solo pianist. Virtuoso accordionist. Composer and arranger. Zappa fanatic. Played his first gig at the age of five and never stopped.

  • Andy Lalasis

    The go-to guy in South New Jersey for all things bass. Andy's played with every major act to pass through the area for the past 30 years.

  • Josh Orlando

    Studio and live drummer for the Philadelphia scene. Performer with Aretha Franklin, Chuck Berry, Package, and many more. Teacher at U of P.


Portrait of Andy by Paul Dempsey Photography

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